Tarragona February 24, 2020. From VOX Tarragona we regret that it attempt against the freedom of the tortosinos which, by reason of "popular consultation", decided to keep the memorial monument of the Battle of the Ebro de Tortosa located in the middle of the Ebro river as it passes through Tortosa.

Isabel Lázaro, Provincial President of VOX Tarragona, has lamented that the Minister of Justice, Ester Capella, insists that the monument cannot be "normalized" since "it reflects a symbolism that is not tolerable in a democratic society." Isabel wanted to remember that “the monolith is a tposthumous ributo to the fallen, on one side and the other, a homage of peace and concord"-And added that-" it is unfortunate that history is still manipulated using ideological propaganda policies that all they do is reopen wounds and falsify history. "

The Generalitat wants to assume at all costs the destruction of the monolith

The new law of historical memory will establish who is responsible for the collapse of the monument, a cost that the City of Tortosa does not want to assume. To this fact, the Minister of Justice has stated that "if the State does not assume ownership of the monolith, it wants to have a free way" so that the Government of the Generalitat can act. " The President of VOX has strongly criticized the words of the counselor Capella who, given the contradictions of the ownership of the monolith "want to assume at all costs its destruction". Finally Isabel "has criticized that thanks to Sánchez's government policies continue to be applied that have nothing to do with the welfare of the Spaniards"

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