Tarragona, February 19, 2020. VOX Tarragona regrets that from the City Council of Tarragona the action of the Urban Guard is questioned in its intervention last August 18 at the beach of El Milagro. An Urban Guard patrol showed up, after being required, on the parking stairs where a group of unaccompanied immigrant minors (MENAS) blocked the way.

The action had to be reinforced by four patrols and resulted in penalties for causing "high intensity disorders in public spaces or establishments." Before the complaint of the sanctioned the government team of the City of Tarragona has stated that an internal procedure has been initiated to clarify the facts, these same sources, have indicated that no discriminatory attitude is admitted from the City of Tarragona.

Isabel Lázaro, President of VOX in the province, has described as "unacceptable that the session speaks of discrimination by the Urban Guard of Tarragona" -and adds- "is an insult that a police force that depends directly on the City Council and the Mayor of Tarragona, it is precisely these who leave their professionalism in question. ”

Tarragona City Council once again takes the side of criminals

Isabel wanted to remember that the people of Tarragona feel insecure "robberies with violence in the street increased by 22% in one year." He also recalled that last year an association in Tarragona tried to collect signatures to drive immigrants to "accumulate criminal acts" in the city. The president of VOX in Tarragona, wanted to point out that “they were labeled as xenophobes. There was a group willing to patrol the streets, because they couldn't keep living like this, all they wanted was to ensure their safety. ” He also added "this neighborhood action generated controversy and the Tarragona City Council again sided with criminals wanting to denounce the neighborhood entity for its claim."

On the other hand, Lázaro, wanted to make it clear that “in VOX we have it clear. Citizens must be protected, our streets must be safe, we must be able to walk in peace and our merchants must open the doors of their shops, without fear, and of course they must be thrown out, without contemplation, to all those foreign criminals ”. Finally, he has sent a message of thanks to all the members of the police force of the Urban Guard for his unquestionable service to the municipality and his faithful commitment to ensure citizen security.

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