Far from setting up their stops, as every Monday, the Salou Marchantes have demonstrated in front of the Consistory fed up with the abusive fees that the Salou City Council requires of them.

Today VOX Tarragona wanted to show its support in the demonstration of the Salou dealers who have denounced that "they feel abandoned and plundered by abusive rates and that they have not adjusted to the current Coronavirus crisis."

Isabel Lázaro, Provincial President of VOX Tarragona, has stated that "the Salou dealers feel abandoned and neglected, paying the highest fees in all of Catalonia."

According to the victims themselves, they denounce that "they have been unable to work for 110 days and they are required to pay the same rates that they have been paying for 40 years to be able to work the remaining four days of the season." On the other hand, the group affirms that "there are families that do not even have enough to eat and that does not seem to matter."

Lázaro has pointed out "the lack of political will and the administration's abandonment to demand the fees in their entirety and suffocate the union of street vendors." Lastly, he wanted to remember that "small businesses are the ones that generate employment and wealth, and that protecting the business network is a political obligation."

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