Dozens of ceutíes, in their vehicles, have supported this Saturday the "caravan for Spain and its Freedom" to demonstrate against the government of Sánchez and Iglesias. "An incapable and sectarian government, responsible for the deaths of thousands of Spaniards and the ruin of millions, including many Ceutans", as VOX has been criticizing in recent weeks. In the city around 200 vehicles, including cars and motorcycles, have joined this march with which the Ceuta have shown their outrage at the Sánchez government.

The caravan has started at the Health Center of the Campus and has toured some streets of the city, one of the epicenters of this march being the headquarters of the Government Delegation, in the Plaza de Los Reyes. Decked out with Spanish flags and some even with slogans of the ‘government resignation’, the Ceuta who have supported this concentration have done so while respecting security measures at all times. After several laps, the caravan has ended at the starting point where a delegation from VOX Ceuta, with its president, Juan Sergio Redondo, the national deputy, Teresa López, the senator, Yolanda Merelo, the first vice president of the Assembly, Francisco Ruiz , or the Group's spokesperson in the Assembly, Carlos Verdejo, have applauded the protesters for their exemplary participation.

"Today we have finally been able, also in Ceuta, to give way to the Freedom Phase", the national deputy of VOX for Ceuta, Teresa López, was pleased. In addition, he stressed that it has been done "defending our fundamental principles and against the State of Exception, not declared as such, but it is shameless because Sánchez has revealed himself as an authoritarian president who believes he can manage Spain under the blow of a social-communist decree "

López recalled that this Government "has already demonstrated that it continues to maintain the desperate State of Alarm in the search for support" and stressed that this is because "its interest is democratic repression." "That is why today, in this Freedom Phase we stop being hostages of a State of Exception," the VOX national deputy reiterated. López, in addition, has harshly criticized the Government for "violating constitutional guarantees" for wanting "to continue perpetuating the State of Alarm unnecessarily without being accountable to Parliament and restricting our liberties in an arbitrary way."

"The Ceuta people have demonstrated today by participating in the caravan that they are angry and tired of the fictional policy carried out by the restrictive and totalitarian government of Sánchez who wants to control everything without anyone controlling him, neither Congress nor the press nor the citizenship ”, affirmed the parliamentarian from Ceuta. For López, “today with this caravan throughout Spain”, “the success of freedom and defense of our fundamental rights” has been imposed.

Redondo: "This State of Exception is the prelude to the political model they want to impose"

The president of VOX Ceuta, Juan Sergio Redondo, has valued how the Ceuta have met the confinement so far. “We have been disciplinedly confined for weeks, strictly observing the rules that were indicated to us, even giving in solidarity one of the most precious assets of the citizen, his freedom, and all for the sake of the common good and in the firm desire to contribute to ending This health crisis that has plagued our lives and mowed the lives of so many others ", has had an impact to add:" We have endured the unspeakable, until we have been astonished as a government that had lied to us miserably leading us headlong into disaster, was using this situation criticism to obtain political yield, to take away our liberties and taking us to a hidden State of Exception ”.

Redondo has also warned that this State of Exception "is nothing other than the true prelude to the political model that they want to impose in Spain." For the leader of VOX Ceuta, it is "a crude excuse that no longer has anything to do with solving a health crisis that has caused more than 50,000 deaths, but with the intention of taking us to a much worse situation." "That is why the time has come to say enough is enough, to go out into the streets, ensuring the safety of all, yes, but in the duty to give public testimony of civic rejection before a Government that no longer has the slightest respect by law and for the rights of citizens ", he said to add that he has taken to the streets" demanding the immediate resignation of some real swindlers who, taking advantage of this great misfortune, have proposed to bring the country and all Spaniards to the most absolute of the ruins ”.

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