The Government of Pedro Sánchez has not even met its responsibility with immigrants and cross-border residents in the municipal pavilions of the autonomous city, nor does it want to. This is shown by the response that the Executive has offered to the question registered in April by the national VOX deputy for Ceuta, Teresa López, in which she referred to the extreme situation in La Libertad and asked the Government to say when and how I was going to put a solution.

A month later, and when Morocco is pending acceptance or not to repatriate the cross-border, the PSOE and United Podemos coalition executive does not give any explanation as to why the competence to serve already cross-border immigrants was delegated to the Autonomous City . The answer is a mere list of facts that indicates that after the border closed, "the La Libertad sports center is being used to house cross-border citizens, of Moroccan nationality, who were trapped in Ceuta."

"The Government of Pedro Sánchez has made Spain a puppet at the hands of Morocco," denounces the VOX national deputy for Ceuta. López criticizes how, two months after they were trapped in Ceuta, “the‘ excellent relations of Morocco ’that this government presumes are based on being repatriated when and as Morocco says.” The parliamentarian points out that this is also done "without prior planning and with contradictions that leave the Government Delegation for what it is: A useless institution in the face of a problem that must have had an urgent solution."

In addition, López questioned in his question why the immigrants who are also in the pavilions did not go to the Temporary Stay Center for Immigrants (CETI), to which the Government simply responds that “foreigners in a situation are staying there irregular from other nationalities, as well as asylum seekers of various nationalities. Thus, justifies the Executive, "transfers to CETI therefore follow this criterion" and affirms that the sports center is not used as "a parallel CETI".

Regarding the possible increases in occupation in La Libertad, the Sánchez Government affirms that, "they are being cared for through accommodation in foster homes." "With this measure, it is planned to reduce their occupation in the coming days," he also points out, although the reality is that this Sunday night there was a massive flight of immigrants who were in this pavilion due to the possibility of repatriation to their country.

And as for the most thorny issue, that of security around La Libertad, the Sánchez Executive throws balls out and directly points out that this is in charge of the Autonomous City of Ceuta through a private security service. "Likewise, as a complement to any difficulties that may arise, specific mechanisms of the Security Forces and Bodies have been established," the Government merely says, showing that it is unaware of the serious problems and disturbances that have occurred around this sports center. since it was used as a shelter for immigrants and cross-border. All this despite the fact that this is an area that is the exclusive responsibility of the State, as VOX has been denouncing since the beginning of this situation.

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