VOX has been the only formation that has voted against the installation of a new gas station on Calle Castilla number 58, compared to the existing one.

The vote has been carried out in the Sustainable Development Commission that has examined the appeal filed against the agreement of the Municipal Plenary that last January denied the detailed study that would make said installation possible.

The councilor of VOX, Guillermo Pérez-Cosío, has remarked that "we have been the only formation that has voted against the installation of the gas station, keeping firm what has been our position of frontal opposition to this project."

"We check once again the progressive consensus that exists in Santander, since the PRC, PSOE and United for Santander have abstained in the vote benefiting PP-Cs so that the project goes ahead, which means that the former have changed thus, their vote regarding the agreement of the January plenary session when they voted no, ”the mayor criticized.

Therefore, in the July plenary session, this issue will have to be "re-examined" and "it will be interesting to know whether each one of the formations that voted against in their day remain in their position or, on the contrary, abstain as they have done now "

Pérez-Cosío also highlighted that "we have met with the neighbors who have long told us of their concern about the damage that this gas station would cause them on a daily basis."

"We do not understand how there are parties that go with the flag to defend the neighbors and their participation in public affairs and at the same time support a project that is so damaging to them," concluded the VOX municipal official.

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