El Puerto de Santa María, December 17, 2020 – The Municipal Group VOX El Puerto attended the last plenary session of the year with a total of four motions, three of them approved by majority, with the exception of the Adelante group that seems incapable of supporting any VOX proposal, whatever it may be, and even if it represents a benefit for the city.

In VOX's opinion, “it is incredible that the Adelante El Puerto group voted against measures such as helping people over 65 at risk of isolation, equip of masks to the citizens, so punished by the pandemic, or to provide the Police with more means to avoid unfair behavior in these times of pandemic ”.

The motion that provoked the most debate was the one related to the provision of free masks by the City Council. The spokesperson for Ciudadanos, Curro Martínez, claimed that this measure would be very costly for the health budget of the Junta de Andalucía, to which Juan Carlos Sanz, spokesperson for VOX El Puerto, responded that “The average cost per citizen admitted to the ICU is much more expensive, around € 1,600, to provide them with masks and thus avoid their admission to the hospital or even their death ”.

On the other hand, for Alejandro Gutiérrez, spokesperson for the Adelante group, the proposal carried out by the VOX Group is a paripe. For SanzThis goes to show the intention of the training formed by Podemos-IU, which is none other than raising taxes, leaving aside the benefit for citizens. "The money necessary to pay for these masks can be obtained by reducing ministries, advisers and positions of trust of the current Government of the Nation, that has more than doubled this expense and has made it impossible to invest in healthcare, which is so important in these times of pandemic ”concludes Sanz.

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