El Puerto de Santa María, November 26, 2020 – The Municipal Group of VOX El Puerto, which was in your electoral program the opening of the Ángel Salvatierra health center, continues its efforts so that the Andalusian Health Service comply with the provision of material and staff necessary to open its doors once and for all.

In this sense, the VOX deputy in Andalusia, Manuel Gavira, has recently asked the Board of the Andalusian Parliament if they are going to use the Public Health Emergency Funds for Covid-19 to proceed with the hiring, by emergency route, of the material and human resources necessary to start up the health center in these very necessary moments.

It should be remembered that the construction of the center ended in March 2019 and, to this day, it is still empty. This center came to decongest the current sanitary facilities of the city and to offer an important health coverage in the north of the city.

According to the VOX councilor in the Porto City Council, Leocadia Benavente, "the importance of opening this health center as soon as possible has been aggravated by the pandemic, which has left most centers overwhelmed. However, the government team, made up of PP and Ciudadanos, seems not to be in a great hurry to open the center, since we do not see them urgently urge their party colleagues and leaders of the Junta de Andalucía to equip it with the necessary material ”concludes Benavente.

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