VOX has reproached the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, this Wednesday, for “the abandonment” that he has subjected to the State Security Forces and Bodies. "You are guilty of the defenseless situation in which the agents find themselves", denounced Ignacio Garriga, deputy of the formation, following an interpellation to the minister about the growing problem of illegal occupation in Spain.

During his speech, the VOX parliamentarian lamented that the State Security Forces and Bodies do not have "legal security, or any criteria for action, to fight against illegal occupation or immigration." "How long will the State Security Forces and Bodies be abandoned?" Garriga asked Marlaska. In addition, he reminded the minister that "he betrayed the Police and the Civil Guard in Catalonia and the Basque Country, where they suffer harassment, harassment and violence from radicals."

"He also abandoned them on the borders of Ceuta and Melilla, where the agents have not had the technical or sanitary means to deal with illegal immigration, nor do they have adequate criteria to give a police response to the avalanches that we suffer ”, he stressed the national deputy of VOX. In addition, it has demanded that the Interior Minister provide "urgently" the criteria for action "to judicially guarantee the professional actions of the agents", either in the face of the illegal occupation of a living room or in the face of an avalanche on the fences of autonomous cities.

Garriga has been very clear with Marlaska: “His government is incapable of guaranteeing the legal and personal security of the citizens, it has abandoned the families of the most humble neighborhoods, turning these areas into authentic multicultural jungles where coexistence is an authentic chimera, and it has abandoned the police and the civil guards who watch over our integrity ”. A situation that, he stressed, VOX "will not tolerate" and before which "it will not look the other way." "Faced with their inaction, we will always be there to defend our families, our workers and our agents," Garriga added.

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