The senator of VOX for Ceuta, Yolanda Merelo, asked the Minister of Justice, Juan Carlos Campo, in the Senate today ifnte the increase in illegally occupied dwellings in Spain, and the damage that this causes to many Spaniards, does the Government have change the legislation that protects the squatter more than the homeowner?

For his part, the minister has accused this formation of "engaging in a policy of relaxation" and of abusing "fakes news." However, the VOX senator has reproached the minister that part of the government "is allowing" private property to be attacked. "We Spaniards are suffering an avalanche of occupations, many of them with violence, due to the inaction of the Government and the Administration," he denounced.

He has also reproached the Minister for the fact that the Executive puts the interests of criminals "before doing justice to the workers and families who see how the fruits of their work and effort over a lifetime are taken away by the ineffectiveness of the administrations."

Senator Merelo has also denounced, with data, that Barcelona is the most punished Spanish city. 5,101 cases in 2019, and "the vast majority of squatted flats are related to criminal activities such as drug trafficking and prostitution." "Prosperity in Catalonia has given way to crime and ruin," he added.

Merelo has reproached the minister that the State Security Forces and Forces "do not have legal security or criteria for action to fight against the occupation."

Regarding the "Instruction in defense of the rights of victims and injured parties to expedite the process" of the State Prosecutor's Office, the senator explained that this problem "is not resolved with instructions", but "with a legislative change, and that it has not yet taken place with any government, neither of the right nor of the left ”.

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