Isabel Lázaro, Provincial President of VOX Tarragona, before the press release issued today October 25 by the political party SOMI (We are Identitaries) chaired by the controversial Josep Anglada, wanted to respond to the statements of Delmesa González, former coordinator of the municipality of El Vendrell.

In the first place, Isabel does not conceive how it is possible to issue a statement in which it is ensured that "the majority of members of this party have joined SOMI, alluding to VOX members of El Vendrell, when it is totally uncertain." And, he assures that “we do not know of any loss of affiliates, rather the opposite, after what happened in the Congress of Deputies our number of affiliates has grown and this also includes El Vendrell”.

Our number of affiliates has grown

Faced with Delmesa's dismissal, Lázaro affirms that “from the Provincial Executive Committee was invited to leave the organic position of the party because it considered from said body that he had an inappropriate behavior”.

Lázaro wanted to highlight that VOX works a lot and in a totally altruistic way for Spain and for Spain. And he added that "there are people who come to us looking for a salary or a position, this is, in part, what has happened with Delmesa but it is clear that VOX is not a placement agency”.

Finally, Isabel wanted to send a message of strength "VOX is more than a political party, it is a patriotic sentiment that fights for a single goal: a united Spain, strong and great as it has always been. These are our practices, everything else is put aside and without a doubt, I will continue working and fighting to make it so and I will do it together with a great team of affiliates, supporters and friends of VOX ”.

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