VOX Toledo has demanded this morning, like all the training delegations in the rest of the Castilian-Manchegas provinces, the resignation of Emiliano García Page, due to the disaster of the management of the coronavirus pandemic that has led the region to become one of the communities most affected by the Coronavirus. Thus, last week we learned that Castilla La Mancha is the community with the highest lethality in Spain, 15.7% of those infected with coronavirus die.

If we add to this economic mismanagement and the diversion of items to superfluous expenses, it makes us find ourselves in the worst possible socio-sanitary and economic scenario.

The reasons why VOX demands the resignation of Page and the calling of elections in Castilla La Machan are, among others, the following:

For the disastrous management: All the measures adopted have been taken almost two months late, making it one of the communities most affected by the Coronavirus. The CLM toilets of the most infected in Spain and the health surcharge of this pandemic amounts to more than 100 million euros, in the words of Page himself.

For the continuous lies to the Castilian-Manchegos: Page lied in the number of official cases infected and deceased by Coronavirus. He lied about the number of tests that reached the managers, and he lied about the material obtained from PPE and its subsequent distribution.

For the abandonment of our elders: There has been neglect in the management of aid to our elders. This has meant that the vast majority of deaths have occurred in residences and homes.

For being only to appear in the photo: Emiliano García Page and his counselor, Jesús Fernández Sanz, have been more concerned with his staging in this crisis, going so far as to skip confinement for the sole purpose of washing his image in this health crisis.

In short, Emilio García Pague has revealed the management disaster and the duplication of public spending.

The president of VOX Toledo, Daniel Arias, has denounced that "all the measures that have been carried out come two months late." In addition, he has reproached Page for "disrespecting the sectors that make up the pillar of our society." Among them, he has named the teachers, "of whom he said they wanted 15 days of vacation" and the health and nursing home staff, "by denying what they had been denouncing for two months."

But Arias has emphasized the damage caused to the "best generation that treads on Spanish soil and that, after many years of sacrifice and effort, has been seen dying alone and without access to vital resources." In this sense, the President of Toledo has explained that what Page is "invalid people", for VOX are "the mirror in which we look to get ahead."

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