VOX Toledo requires the Department of Education of Castilla La Mancha to prepare a plan for the end of this academic year, which has been left to each of the autonomous communities, and for the beginning of the next academic year, since the Department It does not have a plan to deal with these two periods.

Yesterday, the president of VOX Toledo, Daniel Arias, and the deputy for Toledo Agnes Cañizares They met with the representatives of the National Catholic Confederation of Parents and Students (Concapa) of all the Castilian-Manchegas and regional provinces, who conveyed their concerns to the representatives of this formation.

During the virtual meeting, the “disaster” at the end of the course was discussed, for which there is no criterion for the evaluation of the students. "This may create a comparison problem. Parents can denounce the Education inspectorate and in that case, how should teachers act? ”Comments the president of VOX Toledo.

Regarding the start of the 2020/2021 academic year, Concapa conveyed its concern about the possibility that only 50% of the students would enter the school, due, among other things, to the reconciliation problems that it would entail for families. In this sense, Arias wonders what will happen to families with more than one child, where there is the possibility that one will join classes in September and the other will not. "Why one child yes and another no? What is the criterion? ”Asks the president.

On the other hand, from Concapa the VOX representatives were transmitted the conversation held with the Minister of Education of Castilla La Mancha in which they requested that the children be tested to start the course, and whose response was: “That is something illusory".

VOX Toledo requires that next year students can resume classes with all guarantees and equality, regardless of whether they attend private, public or concerted centers.

Another issue that was discussed was the LOMLOE, a Bill to which the Vox Parliamentary Group in the Congress of Deputies presented an amendment to the entirety for considering that it violates fundamental rights and that it turns its back on the freedom of parents to choose what they consider good for their children.

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