The councilor of VOX in Totana, Javier Clemente Sánchez, proposes that the mayor eradicate the doubts that have arisen about the opening of a center for ores (unaccompanied foreign minors) in a central establishment of the municipality since the simple idea that it is carried out frightens the neighbors.

VOX regrets their concern and defends that these minors should be identified to locate the parents and repatriate them as soon as possible. That is why the mayor Sánchez has prepared several questions to the mayor, Juan José Cánovas, which will be asked in plenary today. The following:
1) Is it true that they are supposed to open a reception center for ores (unaccompanied foreign minors) in the center of Totana?
2) Could you specify how much the alleged financial aid to be allocated amounts to?
3) Will they help the self-employed and the many needy people in our municipality who are also experiencing serious difficulties in the same way?
At VOX we face the issue of immigration in a calm and responsible manner and we continue working for the well-being of totaneros.

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