Totana, July 24, 2020.- VOX Totana expresses its discontent over the unworthy and predictable situation that the municipality is experiencing due to the uncontrolled outbreaks of the pandemic.
As requested from this party to the consistory and specifically to the mayor, Juan José Cánovas, it is necessary to carry out massive diagnostic tests on the population, a measure that the GM VOX Totana presented in full for both the nursing homes and for The rest of the residents, periodically, and which the progressive ideology ignored, following the disastrous steps of the Sánchez government to Iglesias and its so-called effect.
Now our municipality is facing a dangerous situation in terms of public health, caused by the outbreak of cases caused by the arrival of a flight from Bolivia. The large wave of illegal immigrants, often infected with Covid-19, facilitate new outbreaks of Coronavirus such as those mentioned and of which the municipality of Totana is harmed.
At VOX, we face the issue of immigration in a calm and responsible manner and reiterate the need for illegal immigrants to be deported immediately, in compliance with the immigration law.
The councilor of VOX in Totana, Javier Clemente Sánchez, It also shows its support for "merchants, hoteliers and businessmen, victims of a situation caused by the null control of foreign travelers."
Just yesterday the businessmen were demonstrating at the door of the town hall and this afternoon there will be a demonstration in rejection of the situation, "we understand their despair since the return to phase 1 not only implies that the inhabitants of the municipality will not be able to leave, but In addition, restaurants will only be able to enable their terraces with 50% of the tables and they will not be able to open shops that exceed 400m2, something that seriously jeopardizes our economy, "added Sánchez.

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