Marta Fernández, VOX deputy in Aragon, urgently urges the Government to prepare a Covid-19 crash plan for Hospitality and Tourism. This plan must be universally applicable, regardless of the size and turnover of the companies affected.

VOX considers that this plan should incorporate, among others, the following proposals:

  • Suspensión of the payment of the part of the capital on the premises and establishment of aid to the rental price.
  • Create new lines of credit through AVALIA, to finance short-term operations of freelancers and SMEs in the sector.
  • A grant, lost fund, equivalent to 3 months of contributions to Social Security.
  • Design a catalog of hygienic-sanitary prevention measures.

16,000 companies in Aragon

The situation in the hotel and tourism industry in Aragon, in relation to the COVID-19 crisis, is highly worrisome. It is a sector that in Aragon, through more than 16,000 companies, permanently employs 40,000 people. In addition to thousands of other people who do it eventually. The sector as a whole provides more than 11% of GDP and receives more than 2,912 million euros, only in hospitality. In addition, Aragon welcomes almost 4 million tourists a year.

It is necessary and urgent to adopt immediate measures, although also for the future. First of all, there is public health, but it will also be necessary to guarantee the sustainability of our economy and society. VOX defends the need for measures and proposals that help alleviate some effects caused by this serious pandemic, and that guarantee the reopening and continuity of the hospitality and tourism activity.

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