Given the extremely serious situation that the coronavirus pandemic is causing and the consequent destruction of jobs in commerce and hospitality, the municipal VOX group at the Granada City Council considers it absolutely necessary that the government team adopt solutions with Urgent nature that can alleviate, as far as possible, the precarious economic situation that thousands of Granada families living in these strategic sectors of our city are experiencing.

The VOX councilor Mónica Rodríguez Gallego has registered a battery of questions for her verbal answer at the next municipal plenary session on May 29, to take an interest in the requirements of these sectors and the application times of these proposals, taking into account the urgent need to speed up the opening procedures and the implementation of measures for this sector.

Mónica Rodríguez Gallego has asked “if the exemption has been decreed in the payment to Inagra and Emasagra for commerce and hospitality”, although “we know that in the case of the Granada water company they have not taken the actual reading of the the last two months, they have done so in an estimated manner and therefore an unrealistic and unfair amount has been collected.

The VOX councilor at the Granada City Council has also requested to know "if the returns have already been made effective in the payment of fees for Occupation of Public Roads-terraces- or the payment of Vados, as well as whether it is contemplated to exempt the fees of the administrative concessions for this year 2020 »to stores, shops, bars, restaurants or cafes.

From VOX, in addition, they have asked if the government team "has launched promotional campaigns to boost and reactivate the economy of these sectors so badly hit by this tremendous crisis," an indispensable measure to promote local commerce and hospitality.

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