The VOX municipal group has registered a request for the City Council of Granada to accelerate the procedures and undertake to exhibit as soon as possible the work of Juan Manuel Brazam, as agreed with the artist, and the exhibition of a legacy of incalculable value and of great interest for this city.

The VOX councilor, Mónica Rodríguez Gallego, explained that Juan Manuel Brazam “is a renowned artist from Granada, one of the most prominent of his generation, author of innumerable catalogs, as well as a famous painter and collector who, totally disinterested, has time wanting to give his legacy to the City of Granada ”.

Mónica Rodríguez Gallego has insisted that “it would be an immense contribution to the culture of our city, which would include its own paintings and other works of incalculable value. A transfer of great caliber, which would come to improve and strengthen our role as candidates and aspirants to achieve Cultural Capital in 2031. ”

The exhibition is planned at the Casa del Almirante, where not only would his work be permanently, but it would also be an area linked to the creation of young artists. The goal is, as he announced, to bring people culture for free.

The installation of his legacy permanently in the House of the Admiral was foreseen for the beginning of this year, "but the administrative procedures are being too slow, and we cannot allow it to take so long without being able to expose all of Granada", he recalled the VOX councilor.

“Today, the House of the Admiral will house all the activities that the UGR had been developing in the House of Porras, which is being renovated and whose works are planned to be completed within a period of more than one year. This, clashes frontally with the agreement, backed unanimously by all municipal groups, to house the work of Brazam in this Palace, ”VOX considers.

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