The deputy of the Parliamentary Group VOX Valencian Community, Miguel Pascual, has today urged the Consell, through a Proposal No of Law (NLP), to do not increase the budget of the Valencian Media Corporation, beyond what the law dictates, in the remainder of the legislature. Pascual has remembered
what "À Punt costs 65 million euros a year to all Valencians and nobody sees it”.
Pascual has also asked not to increase, with the excuse of Covid-19, advertising spending in the
2020; as well as urge the Governing Council of the Valencian Media Corporation
to put itself in the shoes of citizens and make adjustments so that it only consumes 80% of
compensation for the provision of public service, returning it to the public coffers once
at the end of the exercise so that the Consell can allocate that money to sanitary measures,
economic and social conditions that alleviate the Covid-19 crisis.
Pascual has stated that “It is in this critical situation that we find ourselves that the
Government must further watch over the citizens, supporting workers, SMEs,
self-employed and merchants. Public resources should be allocated to protect the
Spanish, and not to protect politicians”.
The Alicante deputy recalled that À Punt costs Valencians a whopping 65
million euros a year with an audience of just 30,000 people, when the Community
Valenciana has about five million inhabitants. "You misrepresent what the
public function; Public function is a hospital, not television. A hospital it is
necessary, but not a television ”.
What the Consell intends is not to maintain a public television that nobody sees and that costs 65
million euros a year, but what they want to keep an entire audiovisual sector in the
Valencian Community. “A sector that has been shown to depend on public television and
it was not self-sufficient. They seek to maintain an entire sector, not just a public company, so
artificial, and that is why they request more and more budget. Do you know how much À Punt costs for
viewer? Well, it costs 180 euros a month per viewer. An atrocity".

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