The deputy of the Parliamentary Group VOX Community
Valencian, Ana Maria Cerdán, has defended this morning eliminate budget items
unnecessary and focus on what's important in this war against the virus.
"We are facing a crucial quarter, where the budget bill will be presented
and we must demonstrate to the Valencians that the budget items will be directed to the
real needs of all citizens, and redirect all items to economy and
For Cerdán, we are currently “in a situation of war economy, of
war against a virus and we are all aware that there are unnecessary games and a
mastodontic administration; so we must be austere ”.
Thus, he added: “VOX is committed to the postponement of taxes, fees and quotes at the
Social Security for all sectors, including commerce and industry; we urge the government to
negotiate ICO loans with banks increasing the grace period and
amortization; VAT reduction; as well as various help lines, such as for the
rental payment and hotel maintenance. In this line, the money of the
Conselleria, supporting entrepreneurs. The Consell must make every effort to help
the companies".
Cerdán has insisted, in line with the PP proposal to finance SMEs and the self-employed, that
help "They must be agile and fast, but we do not coincide in the instrumentalization and in providing
of more autonomy to the Valencian Institute of Finance (IVF). Entrepreneurs should not
borrow more, you have to give them ease of payment. They need tax cuts,
tax credits, rent aids and more direct and effective measures. And furthermore, there are
to bear in mind that 80% of the entrepreneurs have not approved their credit applications ”.

Regarding the Citizens' initiative on measures to support the ceramic industry of
Castellón, Cerdán has indicated that this sector “has many problems due to the large investment that
it supposes, for example, the changes of machinery or the cost of gas, much higher in Spain
with respect to the rest of European countries ”.

VOX will always support employers to keep jobs

“Tile is a market that has been greatly affected by the closure of borders for export.
The Government must take decisive measures so that this important sector does not
lose competitiveness. The crisis is aggravating their situation due to their energy dependence. But,
VOX will always support employers to keep their jobs ”.
Regarding the non-law proposal of the PSPV on the creation of a strategic reserve of
medical material, the VOX deputy has abstained on understanding that this pandemic is not a
flu: “We have to continue working so that health personnel have everything they need, but this
pandemic is not flu. We have to go further and foresee until when and what type of material
is going to be part of that reserve. A strategic reserve is a good idea. But, it is a
unpredictable uncertainty. Our industry has made a superhuman effort, but we must
know what the needs are at all times ”.
On the other hand, he has shown his support for market modernization plan because these
are a benchmark in our municipalities and an open window for the commerce of towns and
cities of our provinces, as well as a great support to farmers, since they are
They sell fresh produce. “VOX, unlike other groups, is going to support initiatives that
be good for the Valencians, come from the party that they come. Whenever i know
defend the interests of our merchants, farmers, freelancers and SMEs. By
that, we are going to support this initiative ”.

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