After three weeks of strike in the sanitary transport, VOX asks the Provincial Council to take action on the matter. He spokesperson for the provincial VOX group in the Diputación, Iván Sánchez has stated that “The need is even more evident in light of the announcement made by the unions to make it indefinite and for 24 hours as of November 2. It is necessary that the Ministry of Health, SESCAM and unions think about citizens ”.

Iván Sánchez recalled that "With the province's primary care centers overflowing and on the verge of collapse, it is not possible to play even more with the health of the patients." "Let's not forget that many users need this basic service to be treated in medical centers and more so in a province like ours in which depopulation, isolation and aging of large areas of it do not allow it to pass not another day without the two parties reaching an agreement ”, the spokesperson explained.

For these reasons, VOX urges that the Provincial Council and its president José Luis Vega "who both advocate the fight against depopulation, demand that the Ministry of Health of the same political color reach an agreement at once." "The fight against depopulation in the province has to be one of the main axes of this County Council, being the maintenance of the means of sanitary transport vital for it " Sánchez has concluded.

Garcia-Page responsible

He President of VOX Guadalajara, Josué Martín has assured for his part that "Guadalajara suffers from enough health problems due to the disastrous management of the coronavirus crisis carried out by the socialist government of Mr. García-Page so that citizens have to endure these disagreements for longer."

“In Guadalajara we have the misfortune that we are governed by socialists at the national, regional and provincial levels, so no more excuses are useful, they are obliged to make decisions and provide solutions. If they are not capable as we believe in VOX, the best they can do is pay the payroll to the workers who have left without a job and leave ”, Martin has finished.

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