The Municipal Group of VOX has asked the government team that the Granada City Council implement measures to support large families, especially those who are in a situation of vulnerability or poverty that has been increased by the crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Beatriz Sánchez Agustino, councilor for VOX, has insisted that “the family is an institution that needs decisive support from the administrations, whose duty is to ensure their well-being. For this reason, from VOX we wonder if this City Council is doing everything possible for the fathers, mothers and their children who suffer so severely the dire social consequences and the economic ruin that the coronavirus has caused.

The councilor of VOX has demanded that the municipal government "take into account the recommendations of the Spanish Federation of Large Families in aspects as important as promoting a Support Plan for Large Families to update and improve actions for the benefit of this group, favor the reconciliation of work and family life or carry out municipal studies on their real needs ”.

“It is urgent to make decisions, because the crisis that the Covid-19 has caused especially affects large families, who are absolutely helpless by the inaction of a Central Government, much more focused on leading communist ideologies than on leading the necessary recovery it needs this country and give vent to so many workers, who see with helplessness how their businesses close day after day ", has warned Beatriz Sánchez Agustino.

For this reason, the Municipal Group of VOX has registered a question for the September Plenary in which it is questioned about «the projects, measures, benefits and / or economic aid or any other kind that the City Council has, currently or in development , to support large families ”, whether to facilitate access to the labor market, guarantee basic food needs, social bonuses, bonuses, extraordinary social assistance or facilitate access to housing.

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