The Vox Parliamentary Group in Cantabria has presented a motion in the Chamber that seeks to solve the deficiencies currently presented by the Industrial Estates in our region.

After the interpellation made last Monday by said Group to the Minister of Industry, Francisco Martín, Vox requests the Government "collaboration" with the rest of public institutions to "Ditch" the problem of what "The industrial areas of Cantabria suffer".

"The Minister in his speech made it clear that they are always open to collaborating with the municipalities to deal with industrial issues and this is the best example that shows that local institutions need urgent help", exposes Cristóbal Palacio, Vox Spokesperson.

For Palacio, the industrial estates of Cantabria have the problem that, once built, they are "Forgotten" by its promoters and "They are not kept in condition." "We have spoken many times in Parliament about generating new industrial land, but we have a lot of land already built and totally abandoned."

The Deputy of Vox and the Councilor of the party in Los Corrales, José Joaquín Bengochea visited the Polígono Industrial de Barros this week together with Ricardo Garrudo, President of Vox in Cantabria, an area that is "A clear example of the neglect suffered by our industrial zones." Both have denounced the situation of the place where "Even a parcel of the polygon is used as an illegal landfill by the City Council."

Vox requests the Government to create a collaboration table with the Los Corrales de Buelna City Council to correct the deficiencies that said Polygon presents and to establish a fund in the Budgets of Cantabria for the year 2021 in which an item for the improvement of industrial estates of public ownership of “All our region”.

"We not only have to build new soil", declares Palace; "We also have to facilitate the day-to-day of the companies already installed and keep the industrial estates in excellent condition so that other companies can settle in them."

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