The teaching staff of Religion and Catholic Morals of Ceuta have been enduring for years the uncertainty of what will happen to their work each year start. In September last year, the Provincial Directorate of the Ministry of Education forced these teachers, under threat of dismissal, to sign new contracts in which their hours were reduced and, in some cases, drastically. The provincial director did not allow that, as has been happening until now, these teachers complete their schedule with tasks such as attending the library or support. Something that the rest of the members of the faculty are allowed, of which the Religion teachers are also part. However, the provincial director did not want to apply the instructions of the Ministry and this year the Religion teachers do not even appear in the guidelines given from Education.

Faced with this situation of uncertainty, the national deputy of VOX for Ceuta, Teresa López, has addressed the Executive of PSOE and Podemos to say if it is going to reduce the hours of Religion teachers or if, on the contrary, it is going to allow them complement the school hours with complementary tasks, as established by Organic Law 2/2006, of May 3, on Education. And is that, given the shortages of teachers, these teachers are a fundamental resource for management teams.

"Is the Government pending to promote the approval of instructions to regulate the organization and operation of the centers and allow the heads of studies to be able to complete, if necessary, the hours of Religion teachers with tasks such as guards, attention to the library or carrying out educational programs and projects? ”, asks the national deputy. VOX thus conveys the claim of this group of teachers not to be at the mercy of the interpretation made by each provincial director based on their political sign and instructions that, each year, vary depending on who has the reins of the Government.

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