The Vox provincial group has presented an urgent proposal in the Granada Provincial Council to urge the Government of Spain to apply a criterion of lack of confinement by health districts, not entirely as decided by the Ministry of Health, and thus achieve the South zone and Northeast of our province access the so-called phase 1.

Cristina Jiménez, spokesperson for the Vox provincial group in Granada, explained that “the process of mitigating the confinement by phases carried out by the Government of the nation has occurred unevenly in different territories of our country: Thus, while in some sites served the administrative boundary of the provincial delimitation, in others it served sanitary districts, and in others comarcal boundaries. The insecurity that the government causes among the population not only does not determine a clear criterion to apply but rather the opposite, it does so unequally and allows progress to be made to some territories, which have been hit harder than others, which have been continues to be completely confined, this results in citizens feeling unprotected and deceived, and they are relieved to see that those who comply with the confinement are ignored, and those who do not meet the same criteria but are partners of the Government of Spain, they are rewarded ».

For the spokesperson for the Vox provincial group, “the province of Granada, unfortunately, has once again been ignored and ignored. Thus, of the four health districts into which the Province is divided, although Granada capital and the Metropolitan Area maintain high rates of Covid-19 infection cases, with 527 and 314 cases per one hundred thousand inhabitants, respectively, in the case of the health districts of Granada Sur and Granada Nordeste, the accumulated rates are 118 and 167 respectively, with practically no new cases of deaths or infections in the last days, and becoming, in the case of the district of Granada Sur, which welcomes the regions of the Costa Tropical and the Alpujarra, the health district that has evolved the best in all of Andalusia, as the local press has reported in recent days. However, the co-government of Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias, of PSOE and Unidas Podemos, has punished in the confinement two areas of our province that should have advanced to phase 1 of the mitigation.

The discrimination with which Granada has been treated, to which the alleged criteria have not been applied by health districts to free part of the province from confinement, "not only differs from other territories to which it has been applied , but some territories with worse evolution have been allowed to advance to the so-called phase 1: thus, we find that in the Valencian Community, the health districts of La Marina Baja, Torrevieja, Gandía, Denia and Vinaroz, with case rates positives of 383, 233, 137, 130 and 232 per 100,000 inhabitants; and that in Catalonia, the health districts of Tierras del Ebro and Campo de Tarragona, with positive case rates of 126 and 310 per 100,000 inhabitants; they have evolved to the: these data not only exceed in all cases those registered in the Granada South area and, in many of them, low parameters similar to those registered in the Northeast area, but some even exceed to the cases registered in the Metropolitan Area, which was one of the two districts that it was assumed that they should not advance in mitigation, notwithstanding the case of Granada where there is a total rate of 267 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, if compared the uniprovincial community of La Rioja, this quintuples the cases of Granada, and nevertheless, it has been allowed to advance to phase 1, as well as to the provinces of the Basque Country, which together the three do not surpass in surface the Province of Granada, but they do duplicate it in cases, and yet not only has it passed the phase, but it has also allowed circulation between its provinces, then we can conclude that the comparative grievance with the province of Granada is obvious and evident ».

Inequality of criteria.

"This enormous inequality committed against our Province requires the urgent and forceful response of this provincial Institution, since this issue transcends the political table, in which there are some privileged who take all the perks and others are ignored, but reaches a A social problem that leads to the closure of the people of Granada not being mitigated, and which reaches a serious economic problem, since it continues to prevent most economic activities from developing, but it also conveys an unfair image of being a contagion zone, when Precisely the North and especially the South of Granada are two of the areas with the fewest infections in Andalusia, "said Cristina Jiménez, who insisted that in order to advance in the stages of lack of confinement, it is essential to have a health guarantee that involves carrying out tests to the population to avoid more infections.

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