The municipal group of VOX has presented an Emergency Motion for the Granada City Council to suspend any aid or subsidy to unions, business organizations, foundations, associations, or private entities whose project, activity, program or performance are not intended to help affected by the coronavirus or job creation, to dedicate these budget lines to alleviate the health and economic consequences of the pandemic in our city.

Given the exceptional situation facing our country, Onofre Miralles, spokesperson for the VOX municipal group, has considered it convenient that “the municipal groups of the municipalities can also dedicate their efforts and resources to solving the health and economic crisis that is ravaging our nation, always that this does not harm employment ”, and“ exceptionally, it should also be possible to allocate these subsidies to the fight against the coronavirus and its fatal consequences ”.

For this reason, the motion proposes that the City Council of Granada «authorize that, exceptionally and for the duration of the declaration of the State of Alarm, the political groups can, without prejudice to employment, allocate in full or in part the financial provision legally established for their please any associations affected by the coronavirus or social projects to help those affected by the coronavirus, which must be accredited in documentary form, "said Onofre Miralles.

Health crisis and economic drama.

The spokesman for the municipal group of VOX has explained that Spain is going through a crisis unprecedented in recent history “that has claimed thousands of lives and keeps all Spanish families confined at home and companies closed and unable to carry out their businesses. The COVID-19 health crisis is leading to an economic drama for much of the Spanish. Economic paralysis stemming from government-imposed measures is decimating household income and increasing unemployment figures. Consequently, in addition to the great challenge of overcoming the coronavirus health problem, all economic indices warn of the looming economic crisis that will hit the Spanish, in many cases, as harshly as the virus itself. "

In this context, for Onofre Miralles "the duty of the Public Administrations is to devote all their efforts and available resources to face the greatest health and economic crisis that Spain has faced in this century, adopting urgent measures to reallocate public funds to the urgent needs of this national emergency ”.

Article 73.3 of Law 7/1985, of April 2, regulating the Bases of the Local Regime, establishes in its second paragraph the following: “The Plenum of the corporation, charged to its annual Budgets, may assign political groups an economic endowment that must have a fixed component, identical for all groups and another variable, depending on the number of members of each one, within the limits that, where appropriate, are established with character general in the General State Budget Laws and without being used for the payment of personal remuneration of any kind at the service of the corporation or the acquisition of assets that may constitute fixed assets of a patrimonial nature. ”

"At a time when we have an urgent need to guarantee the life, liberty and employment of all Spaniards, municipal corporations must put all the means at their disposal to achieve this goal and, among them, make use of by virtue of the aforementioned law, of the material assets available to guarantee the interests of all, "concluded Miralles.

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