The Municipal Group of VOX in the City of Granada has asked the government team to clarify when the phase of the call for 49 seats for the Local Police will end, which requires more agents to ensure the safety and protection of Granada residents. .

Beatriz Sánchez Agustino, councilor of VOX, has presented a question for verbal answer in the ordinary plenary session of July, held today, to find out “when the tests for the 40 seats for free opposition are scheduled to begin, as well as we want to know the date in the that the court will be convened to assess the 9 mobility places and what provision exists for a call for new places ”.

"More than a year has passed since these positions were published in the Official State Gazette, without a single opposition test having been carried out, despite the fact that it has been shown that the Granada Local Police has a shortage of troops," manifested Beatriz Sánchez Agustino.

From VOX, "we consider it inadmissible that the 9 places of mobility have not yet been assigned, for lack of evaluating the documentation provided by the opponents", an unacceptable circumstance, taking into account that the state of alarm as a result of the Covid crisis -19 concluded on June 21 and is no excuse for not having called the court.

The VOX councilor has stated that, in any case, “we are late, given the urgency of agents in the Local Police force and, even if the procedures were expedited, they would not be in service until the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022. And for that date, between the retirements and the passes to second activity, the lack will continue existing ».

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