The VOX spokesperson in the Utebo City Council, Isabel Calzada, presented a motion in plenary session on November 19. For the City Council to provide free masks, hygienic or surgical, as long as they are mandatory, for all residents over six years of age. “The people affected by this situation, who were previously contributors to the City Council's fund, now need that it is the City Council who gives them help in something as necessary as food and other basic products or services”, Assessed Isabel Calzada.

The motion also required the Government of Aragon, as an administration with competence in public health, to provide the corresponding item. For the financing of the material distributed under the conditions set out.

Similarly, the motion urged the Government of Spain to partially finance hygienic or surgical masks. All this, once the alarm state has ended and when its use is declared as recommended and not mandatory.

VAT exemption

VOX Utebo claimed VAT exemption on masks. "The crisis generated by the coronavirus has been aggravated by the tragic management of an insolvent government. Many families are seeing their economy seriously affected. In many cases, this is leading to situations of real and dramatic food emergencies, as evidenced by the growing queues of hunger, unusual in other European countries ”, lamented Isabel Calzada.

However, VOX Utebo was left alone in defending this motion. The seven councilors from the Socialist Party, the three from the Popular Party, the three from Ciudadanos and the two from the United Left voted against. In turn, FIA opted for abstention.

None of the other municipal groups considered it important to defend the distribution of masks for the population of Utebo.

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