23 November 2020

Irene Herrero, councilor and spokesperson for VOX in the Vila-real Town Hall: "No mother should choose between buying milk or masks, no grandparent should choose between heating the home or buying masks."

The Municipal Group VOX asks the City Council to provide free masks, hygienic or surgical, while they are mandatory, for all residents over six years of age and, once the state of alarm has ended, to the applicant with a medical prescription, establishing the most appropriate and safe mechanism for its effective delivery to the neighbors.

Since VOX send the message that in the current state of alarm that is hitting the weakest but most necessary economic sectors again, in the continuation of the tragic management of an insolvent government, many families are seeing their economy seriously affected and they cannot afford to buy the most basic and necessary food.

"We are without doubt immersed in a growing food emergency in the homes of our neighbors. ”, They affirm.

These people, who were previously contributors to the City Council, now need the City Council to help them with something as necessary as food and other basic products or services.

Irene Herrero: "The situation is critical and requires an immediate and forceful response. We have presented multiple proposals to alleviate the basic needs of the people of Vilarrea and we will continue to present as many as necessary, but today we propose the solution to an issue that affects, to a greater or lesser extent, all families.

VOX also requests that the Autonomous Community provide the corresponding item in the budgets for financing the material distributed under the conditions requested, as well as urge the government of Spain, from the City Council, to partially finance the hygienic masks or surgical procedures, once the alarm state has ended and when its use is declared recommended and not mandatory. To this end, it requests the plenary session of the City Council to urge the Government of the nation to present a bill for the modification of the VAT Law to declare the acquisition of masks by individuals exempt from this tax.

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