• The farmers expressed their concern about the unfair prices that the market imposes on their products and the theft of material and agricultural products that are taking place in La Sagra.

  • VOX leaders expressed their commitment to continue voting in the European Parliament and in Congress in favor of conserving and promoting the primary sector.

Toledo, August 28, 2020. – The National VOX deputy for Toledo Manuel Mariscal the president of VOX Toledo, Daniel Arias, and the VOX coordinator in Carranque, Francisco Alves, have visited ranchers and farmers in La Sagra to learn about the situation they are going through as a result of the structural crisis in the sector, aggravated by the pandemic and the decisions imposed by the European Union.

During the meeting Manuel Mariscal He has expressed VOX's support for the primary sector: “In Spain there was a consensus that established that the field did not give money and that we had to work so that our economy was focused solely on promoting the services and tourism sector. VOX opposes this consensus and that is why we will always vote in favor of conserving and promoting our primary sector. The role of farmers and ranchers is essential to conserve our countryside, guarantee our food sovereignty and recover our agri-food industry and our economy ”.

Manuel Mariscal has also transmitted to them the initiatives that VOX is carrying out in the Congress of Deputies and in the European Parliament, on the way to putting an end to the unfair competition that is taking place in Europe with the entry of non-EU products, the defense of a National Hydrological Plan, the reduction of taxes on diesel, water and electricity for agricultural and livestock operations and the promotion of the national product within and outside our borders.

Daniel Arias for his part he has thanked the farmers and ranchers the work they have done during confinement to continue supplying stores and supermarkets with agri-food products and their availability to disinfect the streets of Toledo's municipalities.

Farmers expressed concern about the unfair prices imposed by the market on their products, which often means that they cannot cope with production costs and the lack of a regular water supply. They also showed their concern about the theft of agricultural material and products that are taking place in La Sagra.

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