A group of VOX volunteers has managed a order of TNT fabric, A filter material suitable for use in hygienic masks and type I and II masks, with the aim of trying to cope with the shortage of material that our health personnel and the workers that care for the most vulnerable groups are suffering.

In its preparation, the Cádiz Association Open Shopping Center, through partner workshops and volunteer seamstresses and the rChosen from the convents of Calle Costa Rica and Feduchy.

Victoria Guillén She has shown her great satisfaction for the help received both by the Cádiz Centro Comercial Abierto association, and by the associated workshops and volunteer seamstresses who have been involved with great enthusiasm and effort in this work to help those who are on the front line of battle fighting the pandemic.

The VOX Vice President, wanted to highlight the great work thatand, from the modesty of its closure, two convents in the capital Cádiz, the barefoot Carmelites on Costa Rica street and the bare feet of Feduchy Street are doing to collaborate in this project, adding to this commendable mission to stand up to the coronavirus. No noise or fuss. With the only sound of sewing machines. Resting only for prayer and meals, these nuns have known how to show us better than anyone the way to reverse this situation: "Drowning evil in abundance of good." At the end of the day, continue sweetening with your stitches, the bitter situation that thousands of people from Cadiz go through.

The first production of these masks has already been distributed in senior centers such as the Fragela Foundation, Matías Calvo residences, San Juan de Dios, health centers and in different services of the Puerta del Mar hospital.

In addition, part of this material has been destined to Campo de Gibraltar, where through the vocal of the VOX manager in Cádiz, Elena Sáez, I know has delivered to different groups in the city of Algeciras likelgesa, Local Police, CIS, nursing homes and the Punta Europa hospital.

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