A team of VOX Los Barrios volunteers has raised funds to acquire 2.000 units of gloves with the objective of donate it to healthcare and ambulance personnel of the "Los Barrios" and "Palmones" public health centers, located in the locality, due to the shortage of means of protection that health professionals have been suffering as a result of the Coronavirus crisis.

The VOX coordinator in Los Barrios, Celia Fuentes, He wanted to highlight that, with this small gesture, the entire VOX Los Barrios team wants to thank the involvement, professionalism and effort of all health professionals who are currently on the front lines of battle. fighting to save the population from the effects of this virus that has already carried thousands of people ahead in our country.

On the other hand, Celia Fuentes, has wanted to appeal to the local groups to put themselves at your disposal in the face of any problem you may be experiencing in these difficult times, and has announced that they will shortly present before the consistory a battery of measures and proposals to help those groups that are having the worst of this crisis.

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