The municipal group VOX in the City of Almería, as well as showing its support for the approval agreement of the General Budget for the financial year 2020 and in view of the exceptional circumstances we are experiencing, believes that it is necessary to modify and adapt to the current reality these Budgets to carry out the actions that help our neighbors and merchants to overcome the Covid-19 crisis.

They included in the order of the day, among others, three files of budget modification that exceed 2 million euros. These actions can be framed in a first phase of the measures that will be necessary to adopt as this pandemic evolves and in the economic consequences that it will have for our country.

For Joaquín Pérez de la Blanca, spokesperson for VOX at the Almería City Council, it is time to set aside the political debate and work to find solutions to combat the effects of this pandemic. He points out that, “we represent different ideologies, but now the premises are clear. We have a common enemy, against which there are no magic formulas. These are not times of electoral revenue or of stamps. Now we must demonstrate consistency and loyalty. "

From the analysis of this first package of measures and budgetary modifications, consisting mainly of credit transfers of those items canceled, because they have been left unfulfilled (as has happened with Easter) or whose action is unfeasible to carry out in view of the recommendations of the health authorities (mainly those that suppose the concentration of people). More than one million euros has been allocated to direct aid and subsidies to the productive sectors mainly affected by the paralysis of activity, such as SMEs and companies in the hotel, restaurant and tourism sectors in general. As well as the destination of the surplus of the liquidation of the 2019 financial year (up to the legal limit of 20%) that reaches 800 thousand euros and that will go to finance expenses of the so-called social promotion such as the agreements with the Red Cross and Caritas, operation of the municipal shelter and social emergency aid.

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