VOX today voted in favor of ‘Strategic Plan for Ceuta‘With the clear objective of ending the current economic dependence that the city has on the neighboring country and starting the path of a“ more stable ”future connected with the peninsula and Europe. "We do not need Morocco and the idea of ​​this plan is to reinforce the independence of the city, which in recent years has been undermined," said the spokesman for the VOX Parliamentary Group in the Assembly, Carlos Verdejo.

"We have to bet on more constructive and more stable ways", has warned, to applaud that the plan approved today includes key proposals for VOX such as strengthening the port as an axis of economic development, boosting the fishing sector, alleviating customs problems such as the DUA, or proposing the entry of Ceuta into the Union Customs, as well as eliminating the exception to the Schengen treaty. In addition, Verdejo has valued the aid for small businesses and the self-employed, also included in the VOX electoral program. "We must prioritize this sector over client networks or subsidies that do not contribute anything to the future of this city," the spokesman added.

On immigration, Verdejo has welcomed that this plan, as required by VOX, is committed to having a border comparable to the generality of the rest of the external borders of Europe, and to reduce migratory pressure from the neighboring country and be more effective in containing it. "The effective and real border must be in Tarajal, and not in the port, as is currently the case," he defended.

The spokesperson has also applauded the inclusion of measures proposed by the deputy, Teresa López, and the senator, Yolanda Merelo, in the Cortes Generales, such as building a new National Police Headquarters, allocating a unit of the traffic grouping of the Civil Guard, take advantage of 100% of the capacity of the Fort Mendizábal prison, or establish in Ceuta a detachment of the Military Emergency Unit (UME).

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