Vox has voted against the new Budgets approved in plenary along with the rest of the opposition. For Vox This is a transition budget towards the really important one of 2021 that will mark the definitive roadmap of the Municipal Government.

"Most of the spending is committed and little or nothing can be done against it. The remaining room for maneuver is minimal. ”, affirms the councilor and spokesman for the green party

The Municipal Group Vox considers that the Municipal Budget has been adapted to the circumstances, marking well the ideology that is inherent, combining this circumstance with a good accounting work that would only allow an amendment to the whole; a preview of what the 2021 Budget will be.

Ferrer adds, to the negative balance of the Budget, the lack of initiatives, which should have been carried out in due time, to modify the ordinances and have carried out a tax cut according to the economic circumstances that citizens are going through, and not settle for the cadastral review, without lowering the IBI, since the rate has not been modified.

Luciano Ferrer: ”It is a Budget marked by the coronavirus crisis that lacks real commitment to commerce and hospitality to withstand the serious crisis they are suffering and will suffer in the near future. ”

Vox He has always denounced, and has done so again in plenary, the political content that can be extracted from the Budget, which is why they have called it the de Transition Budget ’to that of 2021, since“The following political burden can be deduced from this budget to mark the “progressive” roadmap defined by LGTBI, equality, gender violence, gender perspective in general, linguistic imposition, historical memory to suit and multiculturalism to follow. feeding all their beach bars. ”

Luciano Ferrer: ”The Municipal Government has cast our negative vote on us for ideological reasons without realizing that this is the main reason for our rejection of budgets full of socialist and communist political ideology totally contrary to our thinking ”

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