The Castellón City Council will request that the Consell revoke the decree to change the name of the Valencian municipality of Villanueva de Castellón, a town that since last Friday is known exclusively as Castelló after the publication of its new name in the Official State Gazette (BOE) .

In the Plenary Committee on Wednesday, in an extraordinary dispatch, a proposal for a requirement has been raised for its opinion to be discussed in the plenary session on October 29. The corporation, made up of the PSPV, Compromís, Podem-EUPV, PP, Ciudadanos and VOX (the first three as a government team) must approve the requisition in the ordinary session of the month to later be transferred to the Presidency of the Generalitat Valenciana.

Once again the internal rupture of the “Fadrell Agreement” has been exposed since the Mayor's proposal has been voted favorably by PP, Ciudadanos and VOX, having the vote against, curiously, Compromís and the abstention of Unides-Podemos.

Luciano Ferrer: "VOX will always be on the side of the interests of this city, we do not look at the "logo" of the person making the proposal and we vote in favor if it seems fair and defends the interests of our neighbors"

Finally, from VOX they clarify that their position has nothing to do with continuing to claim the restoration of "Castellón" as a place name in Spanish for the city, something they will never renounce.

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