The Municipal VOX Group in the Guadalajara City Council will request in the next ordinary plenary session, which will be held on Monday, December 28, that the City Council request the Government of Spain to transfer the use of the Guadalajara court building in the Plaza de Beladíez to the Consistory once the final transfer is made to the new courts located on the other side of the A2.

This was announced this Wednesday by VOX spokesperson in the capital, Antonio de Miguel, who has presented an ambitious motion with which VOX intends to design in the city court building, once the transfer to the new headquarters is confirmed, an intergenerational leisure and family culture building for the city of Guadalajara with the end of “To promote coexistence between people of different age groups, facilitating a channel of mutual and reciprocal learning, respect and tolerance between generations, and facilitating the rooting of the building with the city and the families of Guadalajara.”.

In addition, in the last plenary session of the year, the VOX Group will present another proposal related to schools and will ask that “The City Council carries out a study of the ventilation of the city's schools and of alternatives for air purification in classrooms, either through HEPA filters or with any other measure that avoids having to give classes in adverse environmental conditions ”, as specified by the VOX spokesperson in the capital, Antonio de Miguel.

Solutions to prevent another downtown building from being left empty and abandoned

Regarding the use of the court building, the VOX councilor recalled that “It will not take long to move to the new building from the Plaza de Beladíez on the other side of the A2 and, once completed, it will return its doors and another empty building will remain in our city, abandoned, closed tight and with the future most uncertain of all the architectural icons of our city ".

"Ownership belongs to the State," Antonio de Miguel has qualified. At VOX it hurts us that public buildings like this are closed and that, far from being reformed and rehabilitated and given a use, what happens is that they accumulate dust, cracks, dampness, cobwebs and deteriorate without any use and may even be demolished " .

That is why the VOX Group will propose to the plenary session “Request its transfer from the Government of Spain and then adapt it and open its doors as a Municipal Intergenerational Building due to its flexible nature and location. It would be a center to respond in a functional way to the needs and concerns of the group of seniors, young people and the family of Guadalajara ", explains De Miguel.

The VOX spokesperson has related some of the activities that could be carried out with the VOX proposal in the Beladíez building: “Intergenerational leisure activities in conjunction with collaborating entities, in order to promote the relationship between children and adolescents and the elderly. It would also be the benchmark in the implementation of programs and projects aimed at trying to normalize family coexistence patterns, with prevention and support programs for families, promoting child participation, prevention and collaboration with social initiative associations or promoting normalization of children with different abilities, such as, for example, children with attention deficit or hyperactivity disorder ".

De Miguel also explains that “From the center itself, support would be offered to families in an interdisciplinary and specialized way to face the difficulties that arise in the performance of their functions as parents or of educational reinforcement with school tasks. Information would be offered to families and professionals, social orientation, family legal advice, psychological care, and care and prevention of violence in the family environment. And it would also enhance the active participation of our elders in technological and scientific dissemination activities, increasing the active aging offer that exists in Guadalajara ".

Ask for air purifying filters approved in city schools

Another of the proposals that the VOX Group will take to the last plenary session of the year will be the request for “The City Council carries out a study of the ventilation of the city's schools and of alternatives for air purification in classrooms, either through HEPA filters or with any other measure that avoids having to give classes in adverse environmental conditions ", as Antonio de Miguel advances.

The VOX spokesperson recalls that “Now, with winter, it will be more difficult to keep the windows of schools open so that there is better ventilation in the classrooms and, with this, reduce the possibility of contagion of coronavirus. However, the climatic and meteorological conditions of Guadalajara make this protocol for opening doors and windows incompatible with maintaining an appropriate temperature for the teaching-learning process in the classrooms ".

Therefore, the VOX Group, through its spokesperson, considers that “One of the best measures would be to purify the air in our classrooms through approved purifying filters. We are aware that HEPA filters do not replace the need to ventilate, keep a safe distance, or the use of a mask, but it is one more element that, without a doubt, would help prevent the spread of the virus. These filters would significantly reduce ventilation times, energy expenditure and would be, without a doubt, a good solution to guarantee the highest air quality and solve these problems in classrooms as they are very closed spaces in many cases ", maintains Antonio de Miguel, who also points to another reason "Important and priority for the installation of these filters in classrooms because it eliminates all these harmful particles without using chemicals or toxins that could endanger the health of our children."

Recklessness and recklessness provoke the agglomerations experienced

On the other hand, the spokesperson for the VOX Group has spoken about the situation experienced in recent days with the long lines to collect tickets for the next Three Kings event in the city: “Patience, understanding and calm, the mayor asks the residents of Guadalajara. Well, I ask Mr. Alberto Rojo for sanity, prudence and good sense to avoid these long infinite lines that are causing so much discomfort and discomfort to our neighbors and that have little or nothing to do with common sense and with anti-Covid health protocols ".

Antonio de Miguel considers that “It is reckless and reckless to provoke these crowds. It is inconceivable that, being in the era of new technologies, they have not been used for this matter. And more when it presumes to be at the head of them ".

"It is unfortunate to have many people on the street, in the circumstances and weather we are in without knowing if they could pick up their ticket or not. It is illogical to provoke these crowded queues to collect tickets for a static parade that aims to avoid health risks of contagion and crowds. It is irrational that, seeing previously the amount of people that was accumulating at the box office, the appropriate measures were not taken to avoid it ", The spokesperson for the Municipal VOX Group in the Guadalajara City Council, Antonio de Miguel, has ended.

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