The spokeswoman for the Parliamentary Group VOX Valencian Community, Ana Vega, he has presented a Proposition No of Law (PNL) to urge the Ministry of Health to recognize the spread of Covid-19 by the health of the Valencian Community as professional illness, since it is a risk that they run in the development of their activity.

"HThe time has come to stop applauding and protect our toilets. The applause is fine, but that recognition has to materialize in fact. In the Valencian Community, 20% of health professionals have been infected with coronaviruses (a percentage much higher than the national average) and twe have to 51,000 infected toilets in all Spain, with everything the group subjected to stress and unbearable pressure. The Covid-19 health workers must be recognized as an occupational disease"

For the VOX spokesperson in the Valencian Courts: "Protecting health professionals is fair so that they can be recognized for their commendable and heroic work, your exposure to the virus to protect and save us all" And he recalled that in the Congress of Deputies VOX has also proposed a similar initiative that, in addition, was extended to other groups whose work has been essential during the pandemic. "Protecting the toilets must be an agreement of all political forces, there is no room for half measures here ”.

At the moment, the contagion by coronavirus from the toilets is being cataloged as a professional contingency derived from work accident. A treatment that for VOX is "insufficient why The rights of healthcare professionals to can be compensated as they deserve, among other improvements according to the serious situation.

OX wants the Consell recognize the spread of Covid-19 of toilets as an occupational diseasena must ensure the safety of citizens. From VOX we demand security for the neighbors"

It has also indicated: "Lsends youn to fair tent that thisthis Campaign Hospital, without air conditioning and without complying with legislation on the prevention of occupational hazards, and they are putting at risk to toilets andusers. The end is going to turn into a refugee camp y, tI hear it, as a consequence of the effect that the social-communist government of Sánchez de Iglesias has caused"

It must be remembered that the Hospital General de Alicante already has two reception centers for Ores and a third one that is under construction. "This will create more insecurity among neighbors who are already scared. after a attempted rebellion and a attempt to escapeada ofsome of the illegal immigrants from own hospital"

Vega has narrated that this past Sunday, July 26, "there were 20 patrols Local Police, National Police Corps and Civil Guard to attend to these events leaving completely neglected municipalities such as Benidorm or Elche that fell below minimum of cash. In addition, we have learned that at least two civil guards are in quarantine. ”

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