VOX assesses the danger involved in the Housing Department adhering to the plan drawn up at the national level with the agreement between PSOE and Podemos.

The GM VOX believes that limiting the price of rents may result in a reduction in the supply of available housing. Another possible consequence, derived from this type of policy, could also be causing a reduction in investment in the properties themselves by their owners, as the profit margins on their rents are reduced, which would mean a deterioration in quality of the offer.

Luciano Ferrer: "All experts agree that price control is not the solution, but rather to generate an affordable housing supply"

The application of these measures has been a failure, just look at the German and French example, since disputes between landlords and tenants have multiplied exponentially and the rise in prices has been incessant despite the threats of sanctions, they say since VOX.

Castellón has in its portfolio “taxing” empty homes, that is, “punishing” the owner when the Portuguese model, under a social democratic government, consisting on the contrary, offering tax advantages to landlords, is the only one that has worked obtaining few but some satisfactory results.

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