Cádiz, August 16, 2020. Carlos Zambrano has warned about the situation experienced by horse carriage drivers in the province, who due to the pandemic have suffered significant economic losses due to the suspension of the fairs in Seville, Jerez, Sanlúcar, El Puerto de Sabra María and La cancellation of the Pilgrimage of the Virgen del Rocío.

According to the VOX deputy, who has made a first contact with the group through staff from his team, the amount in losses for these families amounts to almost € 200,000.

The fear of contagion and the reduction in tourist occupation that the province is experiencing only aggravate the situation of professionals whose main activity takes place during the tourist season. Zambrano has lamented that these workers feel abandoned to their fate, and ignored by the different packages of regulations or aid.

Carlos Zambrano recalled that this type of activity is a tourist attraction, which combines culture and tradition with leisure. VOX defends the promotion of all these elements, and considers important the benefit that this activity makes for attracting visits to cities such as Jerez, Sanlúcar, El Puerto or Chipiona, to do something so traditional, such as taking a tourist walk to discover its charms.

In this crisis, all sectors and workers deserve to be helped and protected, the large sectors and the small ones, those that are seasonal and those that are not. And we cannot let the horse carriage rides be missed, a special and unique, sustainable and attractive way of practicing urban tourism. In themselves they are an important tourist attraction.

Faced with this situation, the VOX deputy has assured that he will promote initiatives so that the drivers of tourist horse carriages have access to all possible information, as well as ensure that they are included in an effective way in measures to help and boost the sector, since otherwise for these families the winter will be very hard, due to lack of income.

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