• The spokesperson for the Municipal VOX Group in the Seville City Council, Cristina Peláez calls on the Municipal Government to help the sector for the maintenance of the horses

Seville, August 26, 2020. The Municipal Group VOX in the Seville City Council has alerted this Wednesday of the critical situation that the sector of the horse drivers of Seville is going through, as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The spokesperson of the Municipal VOX Group in the Seville City Council, Cristina Peláez, has claimed the Government team "greater attention to a group that has lost the income of a whole year after the suspension of the spring festivals and the dramatic decrease in tourism, while they have to face the expenses derived from the maintenance of the horses ”.

Peláez, has pointed out that "the coachmen have lost, only in the first three months of the pandemic more than one and a half million euros, some losses aggravated this summer that has gone blank for the fear of contagion and the reduction of tourist occupation ”.

“This activity is a hallmark of the city, as well as a tourist attraction that unites culture and tradition. The coachmen they deserve to be helped and protected against the possibility that they may even disappear because the uncertainty for the immediate future, before another lost year, has been implanted in the sector ”.

The municipal spokesperson for VOX has defended the horse carriage sector, with 97 active licenses in the city, “as a special and unique, sustainable and attractive way of practicing urban tourism ”, and has advanced that "we will work from different areas of the institutions where we are represented to promote initiatives that ensure their inclusion in measures to help and boost the sector", it is finished.

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