• It regrets that "criminals have paid ground due to the lack of police presence in the area, despite the proximity of a Police Station that does not serve to deter them"
  • It proposes "a more effective coordination between the Government and the City Council to generate a greater sense of security" but regrets "lack of political will"

Seville, August 24, 2020. The Municipal VOX Group in the Seville City Council has warned of the proliferation of robberies in the Alameda de Hércules area.

The municipal spokesperson for VOX, Cristina Peláez, has stated that "the situation is far from being normal in terms of increase in criminal acts that especially affect hospitality establishments and shops of the area, who have suffered continuous robberies and attempted assaults, all following a same modus operandi, as the businessmen of establishments in the Alameda area have denounced ”.

Peláez has lamented "the lack of response from the police authority to the complaints of the businessmen, who express this openly, which explains the frustration that has been installed among those who every day try to save their businesses, offer a service and generate wealth and employment in the city ”.

"Merchants and hoteliers, who suffer first-hand the effects of the economic crisis of Covid-19, who are barely maintaining their businesses, The last thing they need is the uneasiness of knowing that at any moment they could be assaulted and, what is worse, that the authorities will not respond to calls for help and assistance ”.

The spokesperson for the Municipal Group VOX has stressed that "many establishments in the area remain closed for many hours a day, exposed to criminals who have targeted them.. They have fertile ground because police surveillance is conspicuous by its absence, despite having a nearby National Police Corps station that is not serving to deter criminals. "

"The call for attention by the merchants and hoteliers of Alameda de Hércules must be taken into account by all those who have responsibilities in terms of citizen security. Mayor Juan Espadas is taking time to request a meeting with the Government sub-delegate to reinforce security in this area of ​​Seville and in the city as a whole ”.

Peláez has suggested "a more effective collaboration between the National Police Corps and the Seville Local Police, with more police presence in the street that allows generating a greater sense of security in the Alameda area and for that it is necessary political will and we fear that neither the Government of Spain nor the Seville City Council are in that key ”.

Cristina Peláez has stressed that “the forecasts on the social and economic evolution of the city do not allow us to be optimistic, due to the massive destruction of jobs, the brutal deterioration of the economy, due to the tension that is noticeable in all layers of the society. We fear that the citizen security situation will evolve for the worse and we are at the right time for the authorities to become aware of what is coming our way and work together, especially in this matter ”.

The municipal spokesperson for VOX thanked the businessmen of the sector "for their collaboration in the execution of all the measures implemented to control the pandemic, which in many cases has meant investments that were not planned and reduced capacity in establishments, which has inevitably led to a loss of turnover and profit. The last thing we can do now, in the absence of other aid, is to abandon them to their fate and leave them in the hands of criminals ”, it is finished.

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