He spokesperson for the Municipal VOX Group in the Guadalajara City Council, Antonio de Miguel, considers that the second call for grants for micro-enterprises for the hospitality, events and nightlife sector of the city of Guadalajara "They are clearly insufficient to alleviate the situation of a sector that is on the edge and that has more restrictions every day", while warning that "or stop all these disproportionate restrictions on the activity of the city's hospitality industry or many businesses Guadalajara will have to close ".

De Miguel has made these demonstrations in the course of a new meeting of the Monitoring Table of the Pact for the economic and social recovery of the city of Guadalajara, in which the representative of VOX has criticized "the ends" of the same when doubting that said work table "It is to agree between all the economic and social recovery plans of Guadalajara" and stating that "rather it is about the PSOE and Ciudadanos government team rendering us accountable for the ideas they execute without taking into account the rest of the groups of the opposition ".

Tax credits and fee waivers are part of the solution

The VOX spokesperson has reaffirmed that said aid "They are plasters for a deep and acute hemorrhage because many hospitality businesses are going to be forced to close when they verify that all these disproportionate restrictions that different administrations are putting on them are unjustified and represent a comparative offense with respect to other sectors of activity".

In this way, VOX, through its spokesperson, Antonio de Miguel, has proposed other alternatives at the table: “Tax credits for rental costs, the extension of the deferral of taxes and Social Security and of moratoriums on personal loans, in addition to extending the exemption of the rate of tables and chairs and public occupation, an exemption of garbage fees or even water, and the approval and extension of hours ".

Similarly, De Miguel has requested "Look for selective solutions for nightlife because all these businesses cannot be closed", recalling that "it is the only sector that has completely suspended its activity", and warning that "If these drastic measures continue, it will lead to the definitive closure of these businesses, whose owners all want to do is work even with certain limitations".

More aid to tourism companies and local commerce

Regarding the call for aid for tourism companies, VOX also believes that "The economic contribution is insignificant and insufficient" and proposes "incentive measures such as bonuses for the reactivation of local and national consumption", Antonio de Miguel has highlighted, who has cited, by way of example, "That the money from the Imserso program that has not been used can be used to help these companies".

Lastly, regarding the campaign to boost local commerce, De Miguel stated that "At VOX we have the firm conviction that a good advertising campaign to promote local consumption is part of the solution to reactivate the economy of Guadalajara from consumption", adding that "Putting value on the effort and important work carried out by the small businesses in our city will give them self-esteem and revitalize them".

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