The health situation in the city is critical. For this reason, VOX Ceuta once again insists, once again, on the requests already made by both its representatives at the local and national level. "Measures that were necessary and common sense at the time and that, fortunately, now we see how they also make theirs from the College of Physicians", points out Juan Sergio Redondo, president of VOX Ceuta, to add: "In the same way, We believe that all these measures could have already been implemented or, at least, have laid the foundations for their possible development in the event that, as is now the case, out of absolute necessity ”.

VOX is clear about it and continues to insist on its proposals to act on various fronts. First, to enable areas of the old Military Hospital in which to install a field hospital. VOX also reiterates its request to have a medicalized ship that, in recent days, the doctors themselves have claimed due to the lack of means and personnel to attend the increase in patients with Covid-19 that occurs daily. And it is that, out of a staff of six intensivists, now only four are operational to take care of those admitted to the ICU and it is planned that in a matter of days one of them will move to Andalusia.

Regarding the lack of doctors, VOX has insisted on the need to retain physicians to avoid that, as is the case now, health care is overwhelmed because there are not enough personnel. The training has repeatedly asked for the health workers to be stabilized and to stop concatenating weekly or monthly contracts to address the deficiencies of Ingesa's personnel. Something that, VOX stresses, should be a priority in times of pandemic.

Already in April VOX warned of the need for more resources

In addition, the party insists on the need to have a detachment from the Military Emergency Unit in Ceuta to reinforce disinfection work and support the control of State of Alarm measures. "The inaction of the National Government during all these months, in which it has done absolutely nothing to contain what was expected as a possible lack of control of the pandemic, has meant that all these actions that already in April were understood for Ceuta as of special importance are not yet ready for immediate use ”, Redondo denounces.

After having lost seven months in which nothing has been done, VOX demands the Government of the Nation and subsidiarily that of the City, being now responsible for the matter, "to manage all these requests as soon as possible to avoid or prevent a possible collapse of our health services given the worrying advance of the epidemic in our city ”. Failure to do so will mean, as has already happened in Melilla, that there are not enough resources to care for patients with Covid-19 and that their survival is compromised.

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