He asserts that "in the face of the talk and the false solidarity of the left with women, the City Council will meet with VOX to control that money and ensure that aid really reaches people who need it"

It denounces the difficulties of access to information on public subsidies of the City Council of Seville to feminist groups, “data that is hidden, manipulated or offered non-compliant data”

Seville, February 14, 2020. The spokeswoman for the VOX Municipal Group in the City Council of Seville, Cristina Peláez, warned this Wednesday that “We will monitor the fate of the 530,000 euros that the City of Seville will allocate this year to 200 equality projects, against gender violence and sexual assault, to avoid the usual practice of the PSOE, which is the financing of gender bars"

“It is a very important amount of public money, coming from the taxes of all the Sevillians, that we will not allow him to get lost along the way, which is usually the usual practice of socialist governments, such as the previous one of the Junta de Andalucía, which allocated 97% of the money to plug in like-minded people and bureaucracy, with an anecdotal part of public aid actually reaching battered women. ”

Cristina Peláez has asserted that “in the face of the talk and solidarity imposed by the left with women, which is used to achieve electoral and political revenues, this municipal government is going to meet with VOX, to control public money and get every euro of public money to reach those who really need it, who are battered women and those who have suffered sexual assaults. ”

The VOX municipal spokeswoman recalled that “there is increasing evidence that feminism is nothing more than a business that is serving hundreds of people to fill their pockets with the excuse of defending women's rights and improving their lives. It is significant that in the last five years the number of feminist associations that have received some kind of subsidy has multiplied by 30 ”.

Peláez has pointed out that “although the extreme left insists on denying that feminism is a business, the data does not deceive. The public money that feminists have received in Andalusia in the last five years has not reverted in any way for the benefit of the women to whom it was intended, but in a remarkable way to the political structures that are covered with a cloak of feminism at the service of the leftist parties that make, in that sense, use and abuse of public money. ”

“The business of feminist beach bars converted into ideological employment offices has gone from 208 grants in 2014 to more than 6,052 until November 2018, more of 150 million euros, exceeding 16,000 public subsidies of which 1.2 million were only destined for battered women out of a total of 2700 groups. We would like to know how much money has been given through this town hall to these associations at the expense of the taxpayer. ”

The municipal spokeswoman for VOX in Seville has said that “with this money you have to be very, very scrupulous; the City Council cannot limit us access to information; it will not be another wall in our commitment to fulfill its purpose giving the two-month silence per response, with incomplete or inaccurate information, with data referred to and / or diverted to only one agency and not to all those who manage grants, such as districts, for example ”.

"Further provide us with incomplete data of the wages of workers in the entities that are dedicated to managing subsidies, we request that they be transparent with truthfulness, and about which organizations manage this money, providing us with the information and its efficiency where they are destined. ”

“From the VOX Sevilla Municipal Group we are not going to succumb to concealment, manipulation, or the recesses to which the left and extreme left are accustomed. The answers are nonexistent with the required precision, we do not know if an adequate method has been used to detect the true needs of the groups that want to help; it is a priority to know if all the budgets planned at the beginning of the year are executed or are unable to manage them, as much or more as the justification of their expenditure; and first of all to avoid the delay in responding on the part of the city council with endless time periods ”.

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