The three Permanent Study Groups that are normally held every Monday were on their agenda today.

Yes, at least the last one, the one dedicated to the Interior Government, served to clarify that the Municipal Budgets, contrary to what has been said and published, are still practically in embryo.

The income and therefore the total amount of the Budget are known but now, following the normal procedures, the items must be incorporated, including those corresponding to the municipal entities, among which are the board of trustees and the municipal public companies.

There is a long way to go to cover all the legal procedures and balance the accounts so Vox it seems inappropriate to "sell the bear's skin before hunting" and use the media to confuse citizens.

Vox It does not criticize the forms or the deadlines, but the fact of transmitting to the citizen a non-existent reality, given that the Budgets need a certain process that has not yet begun.

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