"The 2030 Agenda aspires to achieve the myth of the new man through education for global citizenship, where people are seen on an equal footing with animals, which can be tamed and grazed", as explained by the VOX senator for Andalusia , Jacobo González-Robatto, one of the objectives of the implementation of the ideological Agenda of the Social Communist Government.

During the debate on the Motion urging the Government to increase the involvement of all public administrations so that all citizens know and value as their own all the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as the only alternative to build a viable and sustainable society, The senator has harshly criticized an agenda that, with its narrow list of objectives, “despises and ignores the value of patriotism; the defense of the Nation; border security; the right to be born; the traditional family; and the right to convert the fruits of labor into private property.

Kidnapping of collective political freedom

The senator for Andalusia explained that the 2030 Agenda is "a hijacking of collective political freedom." "Transvestite in a politically correct, humanitarian, environmentalist, feminist, inclusive and sustainable language, it despises social reality and human nature, becoming an ideological document designed to favor progressive globalism under the cultural hegemony of the doctrines of neo-Marxism" .

He has also denounced that this same Agenda "nullifies the dissenting political debate, and dispenses with democracy, by not allowing options that are contradictory to the plan drawn up." In fact, he has criticized the rest of the parties with representation in the Senate for implementing a "civic obligation to actively defend progressive positions", because otherwise, he would be accused of "letting violence, racism and discrimination advance" .

Podemos and PSOE mark the leadership

And it is that, all the Spanish political parties have embraced the 2030 Agenda as a roadmap for all public policies: Mariano Rajoy starred in the reception in 2015. Ana Pastor, in her role as president of the Congress, in 2018 promised that the Parliament "play its assigned role in the implementation and supervision of the agenda." And the rest of the political parties have already incorporated the objectives of the agenda into their electoral programs, "although Podemos and the PSOE are the ones that mark the moral and intellectual leadership, the truth."

The senator also referred to "the non-violent thesis", which, he denounced, "has intimidated companies in such a way, to the point that they are already" committed "to the 2030 Agenda". "Whoever in the public sphere does not embrace this Agenda, runs the risk of being ruined, humiliated or marginalized," he lamented.

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