Torremolinos, July 30, 2020.- The Municipal Group VOX Torremolinos has been the only party that has voted against the proposal of the Government team to increase the blue zones in the Municipality. The VOX Councilor Antonio Sevilla He has warned the mayor that "the tax effort has a limit."

Seville has denounced, during the plenary session held today, that the economic study that the government team has presented on the collection as a consequence of expanding the blue zone of Torremolinos "does not conform to reality." "Trying to earn a million euros this year or 2021, in the midst of a crisis, and having to maintain operating costs of 700,000 euros a year is not good managers," said the councilor, who clarified: "Everything in charge from the neighbor of Torremolinos, who is going to have to pay to park on his street ».

On the other hand, the Motion that the GM VOX councilor registered to request the extension of the Malaga-Fuengirola suburban schedule until 03:00 a.m. has been unanimously approved.

However, the second VOX proposal, for the defense of Hispanidad and the history of Spain, in which only Citizens has voted in favor. "That the PP in Torremolinos does not want to defend the history of Spain shows the drift and fear of the parties of the left, the extreme left and the fugitives that the people of the Municipality have," he said.

Finally, the VOX councilor has called the government team "austerity". "We have asked the government team not to discard urban furniture so lightly," explains Sevilla, who argues that "the current time is not the best to remove streetlights, ornamental elements or roundabouts and throw them away." For this reason, the Municipal Group has asked the City Council to "open a document" so that this material can be sold and "have a second life", something that, according to Seville, "makes sense to the left, that" she is so concerned about the environment. "

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