VOX Ceuta, after learning what was published by some local media about the dismissal of the complaint regarding the audios leaked to the press and accused of members of the VOX Parliamentary Group, states that at the same time that it has official notification of the same it will appeal before the Provincial Court. The party informs that, "at no time, has any notification been received by the court in which this order of partial dismissal is communicated", therefore, until this is not produced, the deadlines for the presentation of an appeal remain in force appellate.

In the event that the court indicates the formal processing of the aforementioned communication, VOX indicates that it will proceed to carry out the corresponding "appeal for procedural nullity as a result of the defenselessness produced to the interested parties motivated by not having received said notification." Also, and if it proceeds, the court itself will be requested to initiate "the appropriate investigations" to identify the causes for which "a confidential judicial document, which has not yet been officially notified to the parties, is circulating through social networks, whatsapp and other means of electronic messaging ”.

"From our parliamentary group we are not going to give up our efforts because justice is done in the face of the continuous harassment to which members of our political group are subjected by some media and interested people", warns Juan Sergio Redondo, president of VOX Ceuta. In addition, he affirms, “all the judicial instances that the law allows us will be resorted to, in order that justice and the right to defense and individual and personal protection, of citizens in general, and of the that we are part of VOX Ceuta in particular ”.

Finally, the formation indicates that in the same way the corresponding rectification will be requested from all those media that have ventured to erroneously publish the impossibility of presenting the corresponding appeal by VOX, "something that is absolutely false information. ”.

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