The Vox Group at the Santander City Council will ask in October's plenary session about the replacement deadlines for the pole of the Spanish flag installed in Puertochico and if the national flag will fly again in the Parque de las Llamas.

This was announced by the mayor of the formation, Guillermo Pérez-Cosío, after receiving several emails and questions from neighbors about the situation of these flags.

The councilor has indicated that "on September 4 it was reported that the flagpole of Puertochico was being removed, after more than a month has passed since this announcement, the deadlines for its replacement are not known."

On the other hand, the municipal representative of Vox points out that “in 2015 the flagpole was broken in Las Llamas, which was placed in commemoration of the day of the Armed Forces. in Santander in 2009. After five years the rojigualda has not waved again in the aforementioned park and we do not know if the Government team intends to replace it ”.

"These questions that we will ask in the next plenary session are the result of the campaign that we started last week for the people of Santander to send us their concerns, complaints or doubts," he indicated.

To conclude, Pérez-Cosío recalled that "as we already committed ourselves during the electoral campaign, Vox is the voice of the neighbor in the City Hall and we will transfer their concerns or problems to be able to solve them."

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